Milestones towards a more balanced life

Do you know these situations?

  • You are at a crossroad, you must take difficult decisions, it feels as if your entire existence was threatened?
  • You want to give your career a new direction or just make the point on your competencies ?
  • You experience conflict situations at work, in the family, with your partner ? Your problems appear as being not solvable ?
  • You feel harassed ?
  • You are  accused by work colleagues or employees of bullying and harassing ?
  • You feel exhausted, are often ill, have difficulties to concentrate ?
  • You see that you cannot reach and use your proven and trusted resources to get out of these difficult situations? Even seeking for help from colleagues, friends or family, seems hard, almost impossible?


Regaining trust and serenity repositioning yourself, in a good state, upright, is actually creating new realities. For you and your environment.

What do you want to achieve ?

Where do you want to go ?

What do you need now?

Suppose we work together and meet again in a year, and you let me know that you’re proud of yourself – by what exactly me and others will be able to recognize this ?

About which milestones and mini steps that have permitted you to reach again a better balance will you tell me ?


We can support you


We would like to accompany you on the path to the goal of better self-management:

  • in acute and latent stress, exhaustion and burnout
  • in conflict situations in private life, your couple or in the workplace (bullying and harassment situations)
  • if you are in a selection and application process (e.g. recruitment process or Assessment Center)
  • if you need career counseling

Let us get in contact about your specific personal needs in a confidential initial conversation  or also via email.

“Courage is at the beginning of action, happiness at its end” (Democritus)


Who are we

Petra Buderus

Petra Fyksen Buderus (Founder)

Focus: Psychological Counseling, couple counseling, health coaching, executive and career coaching

More than 25 years of experience as:

  • Psychological counsellor, health, clinical and occupational psychologist
  • Coach and HR Consultant
  • HR Director in various industries and sectors
  • Working mother and coach of an international patchwork family
  • Woman in leadership positions

Regular and in-depth training in counselling, relaxation techniques, mindfulness and therapy, as the professional and personal experience has shown me that understanding, humanity and fulfilment in systems need specific support.

Daily passion for my profession and the contact with people: diversity not only of nationalities, age groups or gender but also of attitudes, skills and goals are exciting enrichments which enable me grow.

I look forward to working with you!


I am psychologist (specialised in health, clinical and occupational psychology), hypno-systemic coach and counsellor, systemic body therapist and advise you in German, French, and English. I also speak Luxembourgish.

I am member of the SLP (Société Luxembourgeoise de Psychologie) and of the EMCC (European Mentoring and Coaching Council) Luxembourg.

My clients appreciate both, my professional, systemic and solution-oriented approach, as well as my humorous, warm and appreciative attitude.

Kirsten Krebs

Kirsten Krebs

Focus: Psychological Counseling, career coaching, women@work

More than 15 years of experience as:

  • Occupational psychologist
  • HR specialist predominantly in the international financial services sector
  • Personnel Development expert and trainer
  • Working mother in management positions

Regular training in areas such as relaxation techniques, employee motivation, motivation and leadership, conflict management and health in the workplace support me in my daily work and enable me to meet the various challenges of my clients in an empathetic and successful way.

With my experience and my passion, I like to support you in looking at your current situation and identifying your existing resources together with you.

I accompany you in German or English on your way to discover new scope for action, so that more clarity and relief can come back to you in your professional and thus also private life.

“The most important epoch of an individual is that of development.” (J.W. Goethe).

In this sense: I am looking forward to meeting you!


Coaching as well as psychological counselling can support you appreciatingly on you way to a better balance, better relationships, resilience and health:

It may well be confusing when you want to find out if a so called and felt “problem” needs therapy, coaching or counseling to be solved and to “disappear”. The separation is not always easy to make (for example in the case of burnout) because our life and professional systems are interconnected in varied and complex ways. Puzzling!

Both coaching and counseling (online and in our premisses) are strictly confidential and are processes that are entirely controlled by you!

Our approach is structured in the procedure with plenty of room for creative approaches and tools (coaching disk, timelines, if desired personality tests (amongst others MBTI), systemic body therapy, creative coaching tools such as lifelines, photo coaching, etc.) that may contribute to your individual pathway through a vibrant and soothing learning and development experience.

You can request, if wished, by email a first free phone call (duration 15 minutes).

Psychological Counseling


Counseling may be a path to recovery, when it comes to personal problems. It aims to help to reconnect to resources and to initiate problem-solving or change processes.

The number of sessions can vary depending on the topic and the objectives. It can be punctual or cover a longer period. Very often 2 to 6 sessions permit to achieve improvements.

We will clarify your expectations together in a first session and jointly define, depending on the goals and objectives, necessary and helpful steps and evaluate them and their achievement in the course of our further cooperation. Should you need a specific support that we would not be able to offer, we can advise you on the direction to take.


Couple Counseling


Good, attentive, appreciative and lasting relationships are feasible.

What makes this work is amazingly easy. Happy couples are not wiser, richer, or more psychologically mature, but over time they have developed a dynamic in their shared everyday life that prevents the negative thoughts and feelings that are present in all couples from masking the positive ones.

Even happy couples sometimes scream, but loud discussions do not have to affect a relationship.

By nature, every human being is able to relate – the decisive factor is to specifically activate and expand this competence.

Frequent occasions:

  • Clashes grow, get rougher,
  • misunderstandings pile up,
  • communication hardens, is in a dead end,
  • the expectations of each other diverge,
  • external circumstances (e.g. illness, occupational stress) burden one another
  • first thoughts of separation appear or are already very concrete.


  • Turn towards each other and not from each other
  • friendship instead of struggle
  • Recognize and modify recurring patterns
  • Update the partner map, better understanding one’s own world and that of the other
  • Cultivate affection and admiration for each other
  • Solve solvable problems
  • Create a common sense

Coaching & Career Counseling


Sometimes it is important to get new impulses or to shed light on seemingly stuck, stressful situations.

A neutral, external partner can be of great benefit in this context.

Coaching is a systematic and resource-oriented consulting process, which emphasizes the development of own solutions. It is about achieving goals (career steps, project management support etc.) or resolving conflict situations in the workplace with colleagues or supervisors, but also in terms of balance between work and family and the associated stressors that burden you in your daily life.

In structured conversations, the coach acts as a neutral, critical sparring partner who helps you to become aware of your professional and thus also personal situation, to promote the assessment and development of personal competencies and perspectives and to reflect on yourself. This way you will be encouraged to discover new options for action and to be aware of your resources and your resource needs.

A coaching takes place in the professional setting and can be initiated on company or personal initiative. Normally, it is limited to a few sessions (5 to 10).

Career counseling concerns more specifically your desire and need to summarize your career so far, your acquired experience and competencies, as well as your potential for future steps, up the ladder or into new professional fields. We work with a number of assessment tools and can offer full packages which respond to your specific need.




For iall sessions (50 to60 minutes) 140 € (VAT incl) are invoiced.

All invoices should be paid on the same day, preferably by card.

You can cancel 4 hours before the appointment. Any cancellation later cancellation will be invoiced 100%

Please note that the Luxembourg national health insurance, CNS, does not cover psychological , nor couple counseling.

Experience again with joy your personal and professional life, be the actor of your career with a healthy attitude and self-management!




„Petra offered me a tailored made support and guidance. Each session was particular and special. She is extremely dedicated in her role of mentor.“
Valérie, Facilites Manager , Banking Sector
„Petra helped me in developing and strengthening my personal and professional competencies, such as communication, leadership and also personal/professional balance.“
Margot, Senior Manager, Consulting Company


Do not hesitate to get in touch with us !

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Office at Buderus Counseling in Luxembourg

Office at Buderus Counseling in Luxembourg

Office at Buderus Counseling in Luxembourg


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